Almondmilk Pudding Pops

Product Used: Lakeview Farms® Almondmilk Pudding


Treat your special Valentine to a decadent Lakeview Farms® Almondmilk Pudding cup in their favorite flavor. Wrap it up in cellophane with a small cup of candy toppings for an extra special treat.


  • Lakeview Farms® Almondmilk Pudding
  • small condiment cups with lids
  • small candies or sprinkles for topping
  • cellophane
  • heart gift tags (store bought or homemade)
  • string or ribbon


  1. Put candy or sprinkles in condiment cups and secure with lids.
  2. Cut cellophane to size so that you have plenty of cellophane to wrap up treats.
  3. Put pudding cup in the center of cellophane square and place candy cup on top of pudding cup. Pull up corners of cellophane and secure with a ribbon, add tag and tie in a bow.