Shark Fin Gelatin Cups

Product Used: Winky® Jilly’s Gelatin

Serve these shark-themed desserts at your next pool or beach party, or at your shark-loving kid’s birthday party. They’re super easy to make when you start with Winky® Gelatin snack cups!


  • Winky® Jilly’s Gelatin (Berry Blue)
  • gray crafting foam
  • small plastic spoons
  • whipped topping


  1. Cut out shark fin shapes from gray crafting foam. Make sure they’re tall enough to cover up a good amount of the spoon, or else you’ll have a lot of spoon sticking up from the gelatin cup and will need more whipped topping. Glue or tape one spoon to the back of each fin.
  2. Remove lids from Winky® Jilly’s Gelatin Berry Blue cups. Carefully insert spoon into the center of the gelatin until it touches the bottom. Spoon or pipe whipped topping on top of the gelatin and around the spoon to create waves.