Pudding Filled Hot Chocolate Cookie Cups

Product Used: Señor Rico® Chocolate Cinnamon Pudding

Looking for a fun cute holiday cookie to make this holiday season. Try these fun Pudding Filled Hot Chocolate Cookie Cups using Señor Rico Chocolate Cinnamon Pudding.


  • 1 (8 oz) Señor Rico® Chocolate Cinnamon Pudding
  • Sugar Cookie Mix (Plus ingredients specified)
  • Mini Pretzels
  • White Almond Bark
  • Mini Muffin Tin


  1. Make sugar cookie dough. Flatten gough and cut 3 in circles.
  2. Place cookie dough disks into the tin and press middle down so it takes the shape of the tin. Bake as directed.
  3. Remove from oven and use the end of spatula to press center down.
  4. Heat almond bark as directed. Break pretzels careful, dip ends into almond bark, and attach to cookie cup.
  5. Fill center with pudding. Sprinkle if desired. Serve.