Almondmilk Pudding Pops

Product Used: Lakeview Farms® Almondmilk Pudding


Cool off with these frozen pops made with the new Lakeview Farms® Almondmilk Pudding! Mix and match three decadent flavors: dark chocolate, vanilla bean, and dulce de leche. These tasty pops are dairy free and gluten free!


  • Lakeview Farms® Almondmilk Pudding (Vanilla Bean, Dark Chocolate, and Dulce de leche)
  • One 6 3oz frozen pop mold


To create even layers, start with one flavor of pudding and fill each frozen pop mold a third of the way. Freeze until almost solid, then add another layer of a different flavor and freeze. Fill to the top for the last layer and freeze until fully frozen. Unmold and enjoy!