Creative Around-the-House Frozen Pop Molds

Products Used: Señor Rico® Desserts

Don’t have a frozen pop mold or one you want to use? Using stuff you’d find around the house like small plastic, paper, tin or ceramic cups, you can create your own frozen pudding and gelatin pops with Señor Rico® desserts. The possibilities are endless! (But you’ll always get a great-tasting frozen treat out of it.)

Ingredients and Materials

  •  small containers to make frozen pops in, such as, but not limited to:
    • disposable plastic cups
    • paper bathroom cups
    • ceramic cups or teacups
    • tin cups
    • mason jars
    • shot glasses
    • ice cube tray
    • the container the dessert comes in
  • your favorite Señor Rico dessert(s):
    • puddings
    • flan
    • gelatins
    • parfaits
  • things to mix with, such as fruit, sweetened condensed milk, candy, cereal, etc. (optional)
  • popsicle sticks or small spoons for handles


Señor Rico® Flan mixed with blueberry puree in small plastic cups with wooden popsicle sticks.

Señor Rico® Rice Pudding mixed with peach and apricot puree, topped with cereal in small tin cups with small decorative silver spoons.

Señor Rico® Strawberry Creamy Gelatin mixed with strawberry puree in small ceramic cups with wooden popsicle sticks.