BLT Ranch Bites

Product Used: Lakeview Farms® Ranch Dip

Lakeview Farms Ranch Dip 16oz

These cute little appetizers will go fast at parties! Turn grape tomatoes into tiny cups and fill with lettuce, bacon and ranch for a miniature version of BLT that you won’t want to stop eating.


  • 12 grape tomatoes
  • arugula or baby greens
  • Lakeview Farms® Ranch Dip
  • 2–3 pieces of bacon, cooked


  1. Cut tomatoes in half lengthwise. Using a knife or a small spoon, carefully remove seeds and scoop out insides to create a cup. Lay a small piece of lettuce on the inside and top with a small dollop of Lakeview Farms® Ranch Dip to fill the hollow (pipe if necessary). Garnish with a small piece of bacon. Serve immediately.