About Lakeview Farms

Creating a World of Fresh,
Delightful Foods

Lakeview Farms strives to be the value driven innovator of fresh and convenient dips, desserts, and specialty products by offering a world of diverse recipes to our customers.  We think of ourselves as Creating a World of Fresh, Delightful Foods.

In 1988, we started with one customer and just a few employees who knew our success and future growth would depend not only on our delicious creations, but on unparalleled dedication to our customers.

We continue to make traditional favorites like sour cream, spinach dips, puddings and gelatins in countless flavors, shapes, and sizes that delight our customers. And, we are constantly working to develop new products to appeal to the foodies in all of us, with items like our new seafood dips and salads, layered dips, cheesecakes, parfaits and mousses.

The Hispanic market continues to grow and we growing with it. Our Luisa’s and Senor Rico brands have played a significant role in this growth for many years, featuring a growing range of exciting product offerings that include layered dips, rice pudding, flan, and a wide assortment of specialty gelatin products.

At Lakeview Farms we do desserts, dips and specialty products… and we do them well. We are proud of our creative product development, innovative packaging, and modern technology has enabled us to satisfy our customers and enables us in… Creating a World of Fresh, Delightful Foods.